The Sharing of Digital Science Books, part one

Today, I am going to begin sharing out a few of the digital science books my students have created over the last few weeks. I’ll also work on a final reflection later this week. Basically, students had to use the theme of Cell Mitosis (the science connection) and an adventure story genre with Powerpoint to create a digital book. I have taken a few of the books and converted them into video for easier sharing. (I use a paid software program called PPT to Video that converts powerpoint and maintains all transitions, sounds, etc.)

This book actually had some video embedded but that did not come out. I guess the conversion program has its limits.

Here is the first:

Peace (in the books),

  1. Great digital book! I love the integration of science and language arts. Kudos to the author and illustrator!!! Very creative plot and artwork. Keep sharing your great work!

  2. Great work guys. You seem to have learned a lot about cells. I’m glad Mr Hodgson made you do this project 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing some of your other digital science books.

  3. Great job on the book! I’m saving this one to show the 9th graders next time we do mitosis- show them what 6th graders with a little imagination and some good skills came up with.

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