The Collective Days in a Sentence

Before we begin, I found a site called Sharetabs from Larry through his Twittering and thought it might be a nice way to send you off to the various blogs of contributors this week. Sharetabs allows you to collect websites and then open them all as tabs or link them from small windows.

So, click on this screenshot (or this link) to head to the Sharetab for Day in a Sentence contributors from this week.

Here are this week’s contributions for Day in a Sentence:

  • Lucky to be in Kuala Lumpur for the Innovative Teachers Conference, I was placed in a group with a teacher from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea, where English was not strong, yet we completed together a student lesson plan on indigenous shelters, with fun, endeavour, confusion but determination. Anne M.
  • I had forgotten how tiring it is to keep up with a very active almost two-year-old little boy. — Cynthia
  • Taking a day off from the mad rush of school to attend a conference at Stanford University on Microfinance, I filled my head with so much information it will take all summer to digest.Delaine
  • The last week with my students has been lovely, but I wish the adults would behave!Karen H.
  • I let my students turn their research papers in on the very last possible day, Thursday, which meant that I had only a day in which to grade the on-the-verge-of-failing students’ papers to find out whether they’re exempt from the exam or not (since our exemption policy this year is passing and not missing more than seven days per semester…); I’m now about halfway through the 87 papers received. Jo
  • I’m finally home as the classroom slumbers, rests, and rejuvenates for next autumn’s kindergartners- but there’s no rest for me with a summer agenda full of volleyball camp (Dear Daughter), a college move (Eldest Son), play dates (the Pre-Schooler) and deployment preparations (Dear Husband)!Michaele
  • Summer is coming, but there is still much to do, so I seek a new sense of balance in my daily life. Lynn J.
  • Lost in a game of musical chairs at a school Pep Rally, and couldn’t figure out if the resounding cheers were because students were happy I lost or because they appreciated my effort :)Larry
  • Autumn wrung out its day and let go what’s left of its colour as the mist vanished from the last gasp of a dying season. Ken
  • I returned to Dover Middle School today for a presentation on Assessment to find that our DS team is officially invited to present our project to the school board, for 10 minutes. We have to select 3 pieces from our library of 76. Bonnie
  • I’ve completed my eight hour hard labour sentence for the crime of impulse shopping on credit.Val
  • Getting (and keeping) a teaching job has become political, competitive, and just plain icky in the wake of California budget cuts.Matt

And mine:

  • How in the world will I pull off a claymation project about tolerance in the few crazy weeks that remain in the school year?

Peace (and thanks to all of you),

  1. Thank you so much, Kevin, for setting this up. I am going to spend some time after school is out visiting all those blogs. Such an interesting, diverse group of writers you get here. Good luck with those last couple of weeks.

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