Day in a Sentence on Vacation


I’ve decided to let Day in a Sentence take a much-needed vacation (which, coincidentally, coincides with my own summer vacation). My plan is to relaunch Day in a Sentence again in August and I hope that many of you who follow the feature will join us again at that moment in time.

As a final call for words, I wondered if you might want to share a sentence about what Day in a Sentence means for you. I often wonder what folks get out of it. For me, Day in a Sentence provides me a reflective moment in the week and the act of narrowing down the essence of the week or day into a single sentence is a wonderful structure. Plus, I love reading what other folks write.

So, what does Day in a Sentence mean to you? Please considering posting your thoughts as a comment here and I will release them as they come in.

Thanks for joining me on the Day in a Sentence adventure.

Peace (with sharing and reflection),


  1. Kia ora e Kevin!

    Thanks for all the fun you’ve given us this year with DIAS! You have pulled words out of cyberspace with your wonderful series. I look forward to the next season of DIAS 🙂

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

  2. Day In a Sentence is an ongoing conversation about reflections and writing. It gives me new tools and new ideas to do that reflection with, things like a novel use for comics, poetry, and prose. I like the “keep it simple” aspect as that is what prevents it from being another chore during a busy work week. I also like that fact that I can take a week off whenever I want. Have a wonderful summer, Kevin. See you in September.

  3. I love to read what others have to say about their week. It helps me see that I’m not the only one in this great adventure we call teaching. Sharing my week in one sentence forces me to clarify what I am doing. Thanks for hosting, have a great July, and we’ll see you next year. (My years run on the school calendar!)

  4. Day in a Sentence has been a chance to reconnect with fellow bloggers once every week or so. Writing a sentence is a lot less pressure than writing a blog post and often more personal. Thanks for the Reflective Teacher for starting it and for Kevin for keeping it going. Have a good summer everyone!

  5. I like the idea of sharing my week with others, and knowing that perhaps, when they read the words, they’ll think, “Oh, so I’m not alone! It happened to someone else.” Often that’s what happens to me when I read the sentences of others. I also really like that it is a short committment, and that, like Gail, I can skip a week when necessary without feeling like I’ve let someone down. I enjoy the gentle reminder when the week is up, because often I don’t even realize that the week is over, and finally, I like the occasional introduction of new tools to try.
    Thanks Kevin and all the contributors – have a energizing summer. I have an eight week old German Shepherd puppy who will be keeping me quite busy the next little while, although she’s teething so she’s not as cuddly as she appears.

  6. Kevin and all your co moderators please continue. While I may not post each time, I do enjoy reading and posting comments.
    I also, that your ideas are ideas that anyone can use in the classroom, you are a wonderful teacher always mentoring and modeling.
    You could put all your ideas into a book!

    Cheryl Oakes, VACATION is sweet

    • My idea is often to try out concepts that might have use in the classroom. Thanks for the comment and for the participation from time to time.

  7. DIAS makes me focus on my week, weed out the bad, reflect on the good, and then share with people who like me for who I really am and not for whom they think I should be. (Now, please don’t ask me what the last part of that sentence means. It just popped into my head. My son-in-law, a psychology major, would probably come up with some dark, sinister meaning. I’d just laugh at him and say, “Stop psychoanalyzing me!)

  8. DIAS is social networking at its best. An online community of educators who share their lives weekly in a sentence. I love it!

    • I’m glad I can always turn to you for advice and for hosting, Bonnie. If you remember, when The Reflective Teacher called it quits, it was you who said: We can keep it going!
      And we have.

  9. Thank you so much, Kevin, for hosting DiAS.
    I enjoy writing the sentence because it is a good way to focus, and it stimulates my creativity in a way that is short and simple and yet effective and sometimes even new. At the same time there is a gentle exchange and what is written is read by others.
    Although at least most of us are teachers, much of what is written deals with ordinary daily events outside of school, and what is written about school, classes and pupils speaks to me as well.

    Enjoy your well deserved break, and do come back!

  10. Kevin,
    Thank you for proding us to reflect on our days or weeks. I am a little glad to see DIAS on vacation. Now I will not feel so guilty about not adding my contribution. Summer seems to have even more activities than the school year.
    Mary in Missouri

  11. Even if I don’t contribute each week, I still feel that I am part of the DIAScommunity, always welcomed, always valued, always entertained – and often inspired.

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