The Making of Frog and Toad, explained

I’ve often heard of this little documentary around the making of Frog and Toad claymation/stopmotion movie but I often turn to a DVD extra with Wallace and Gromit to show students a look behind the scenes of stopmotion moviemaking. But I found this movie on Vimeo by John Matthews from the 1980s and it is pretty cool.

Next week, during my claymation summer camp, I may show this neat documentary and then show the WallaceGromit one to demonstrate just how far moviemaking has come in just a few years. (and now, kids can do it themselves for very little cost, on a smaller scale). It is pretty amazing how much some things have changed (the software and ease of filming) and how much some things have NOT changed (making the claymation characters act).

Frog and Toad – Behind the Scenes from John Clark Matthews on Vimeo.

Peace (with frog and toad),

  1. Thank you for the kind words. You can see many of my BC films (Before-Computer) on my website: I find it sad to look at this old piece of my life – I had all my hair and teeth then and I miss them.

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