How to use Sticky Notes for Stopmotion

My friend, George Mayo, posted these two movies at his Vimeo site and they just blew me away. I love the use of sticky notes for stopmotion but I also love the documentary view of creating the movie with sticky notes, too.

Shapeshifting Post-It Notes from mrmayo on Vimeo.


THE MAKING OF Shapeshifting Post-It Notes from mrmayo on Vimeo.

Peace (on the whiteboard),

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I was checking in on your blog and see you embedded the post-it note stop-motion films created by VHD, one of my students. I was wondering why the videos were suddenly getting more hits recently. VHD is also a part of The Longfellow Ten crew. He spent three weeks creating his stop-motion film this summer in my classroom while I taught a summer school course, working about three hours a day. It was a very tedious project. I think the time lapse video he also made will be helpful to use next year with students when we start classroom stop-motion projects.

    Thanks for the props on your blog! Hope you’re having an enjoyable summer.

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