Rockin’ in the Hood

I live in a pretty cool neighborhood. We have all sorts of parties and gatherings and plenty of families. Last night, one of the neighborhood teenagers and his friends put on a rock concert on their front lawn. This four piece band of high schoolers (called Menivest Destiny) played to a packed lawn of friends and neighbors on a beautiful summer night with a full moon shining down.

Unlike my old days of playing in a high school rock band (China Grove, Rolling Stones, etc), these guys were incredibly hip. Amazingly so. Here are a few bands they covered:

  • Fountains of Wayne
  • Cake
  • Semisonic
  • Cold Play
  • Cold War Kids
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • and some others that I sort of recognized but not really.

I had a neighbor come up and whisper, “Do you know any of these songs? Because I don’t. I feel old.”

Yep — rock and roll.

Here is a clip from Youtube of Meninvest Destiny from some school event and they are playing an original song they wrote:

Peace (on the lawn),

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