Imminent Return of Day in a Sentence

I took the summer off from hosting the Day in a Sentence feature that mostly takes place here at this blog, but also travels very nicely (it packs tightly into virtual pockets) to other blogs. I’ve been the main host for some time and I started to have doubts about whether to keep it going, to be honest. (And as a back story, the Day in Sentence did not originate here — it started with another blogging friend — The Reflective Teacher — who decided to retire from blogging and he gave me the go-ahead to continue with Day in a Sentence at my blog, along with help and wonderful support from from Bonnie).

Anyway, last week, I sent an email out to the 100-plus folks on my Day in a Sentence list and asked them to take a quick survey to gauge their interest in continuing the feature and if they would be willing to take on more of the hosting duties. I was so happy that so many folks took the survey (see the results above). Clearly, we all see the value of this reflective writing and the connections that we make. Not one person said “no” to the concept of Day in a Sentence. That was a powerful statement to me.

It also helped that Bonnie and I used Day in a Sentence as a prompt at our new iAnthology networking site and folks just loved the idea and wrote such powerful reflections. It reminded me of why I got hooked so long ago.

So, here is what I think:

  • We’ll keep Day in a Sentence up and running;
  • We’ll move it from once a week to twice a month;
  • We’ll have many more guest hosts this year (thanks to all of you who offered … I’ll be in contact soon)
  • And Day in a Sentence will start up again this coming week.

If you are visiting this blog and want to host the Day in a Sentence feature one of these weeks, just let me know via the comment section here and I will add you to the eventual master list of hosts.

I like that Day in a Sentence will be on the move, traveling the world on the fuel of words!

Peace (in a sentence),


  1. Hi Kevin, What great results! Clearly, people value this small opportunity to reflect on their lives. I do, too! (If I had that kind of blog, I would offer to host DiaS too.)
    Here’s my reflection for this week (no need to publish it elsewhere): Having sent off my institute’s response to our accreditation review team report this week (the final step in a 2 1/2 year application process), I am ready to focus all my energy on my wonderful class of 12 ESL students from 8 different countries!

  2. Thanks, Kevin, for taking the time to find out. Even though I haven’t always contributed, I have always enjoyed reading the contributions of others. When I did join in, it was always with a joy of finding my voice and knowing that others were listening and joining in, a bit like a song.

    What is A Day in a Sentence for me?

    A Day in a Sentence is like an oasis, a peaceful place to be with others amidst the hubub of webly life.

  3. Thanks, Kevin, for doing the legwork on this project. I’m sure it takes a lot of your valuable time. I want you to know that I appreciate it. Although I don’t always participate, especially when you require specific genre, I enjoy challenging myself some weeks to come up with a sentence. And, I certainly enjoy reading about others’ weeks.

  4. Sounds like people like it! I do too. Can you maybe explain it again when you get started again? I am not ever sure where to look to read other people’s contributions. There was a week when you put everyone on a “jog the web” feature. I loved that!

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