The Return of Day in a Sentence

dayinsentenceiconWelcome back to Day in a Sentence, which took a respite from the action but is now back in action. I invite you to consider joining us for this week’s Day in a Sentence — the first since June, I believe — and it is simple to participate.

  • Reflect upon your week, or a day in your week
  • Boil it down to a single sentence
  • Share it here by using the Comment Link with this blog post
  • I will gather up all of the sentences and publish them as another blog post sometime over the weekend (probably on Sunday)

I am starting to set up a bimonthly schedule for Day in a Sentence to roam the blogging planet and if you are interested (a bunch of you already expressed interest via our Day in a Sentence survey, so no need to repeat), please leave me a note with your sentence.

Here is my Day in a Sentence:

I am getting geared up for going down the river on our annual Whitewater Rafting Adventure with our entire sixth grade.

I look forward to your words.

Peace (in the sentence),

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