Today: rafting; Tomorrow: writing

Today, we take our entire sixth grade on a whitewater rafting trip down the Deerfield River. It looks like it might be mostly sunny, but cold. Darn that cold! But the leaves are changing already and so maybe we will have some wonderful foliage on our 10-mile ride on the river.

Tomorrow, I head out to the University of Massachusetts for the annual Best Practices in the Teaching of Writing conference offered through my Western Massachusetts Writing Project. The day will be filled with writing, activities, workshops and inspiration to bring back to the classroom.

I’m attending a workshop on poetry inspired by art and then a session about using hip-hop influences in the classroom. The keynote address is by Dr. Lisa Green, whom I am told is an inspiring teacher who will center on the topic of how student’s language can differ from classroom language, and what happens then? If I have time, I may stay for the writing workshop session at the end of the day, too.

Peace (in the weekend),

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