Developing a K12 Online Conference Presentation

I just got news this weekend that I was selected to be one of the workshop presenters for this year’s K12 Online Conference. Actually, the news filtered out through my network earlier in the week but the official email arrived in my box yesterday. I am part of the “Kicking it up a Notch” group.

My presentation is about the Virtual Heroic Journey Project that I do with my sixth graders after they read The Lightning Thief and a graphic novel version of The Odyssey. We use Google Maps and Google Earth to develop their own creative writing assignment in which they are somewhere in the world and must make, like Odysseus, their way home by encountering and battling a series of obstacles and monsters.

So I admit: I had forgotten that I even submitted an idea to the K12 Conference. When my friend, Matt, congratulated me via Twitter, I had to check and see what he was talking about. Doh.

But, I am excited.

This is the second time I have presented — the first time was in a great collaboration with Bonnie around our Collaborative ABC Movie Project that connected teachers around the world as we explored digital storytelling through the concept of an ABC Book.

What’s cool about the K12 Online is that it is free, it is full of interesting presentation, and it is archived forever. Just go to the homepage and you can see links to presentations for every year. Neat.

Peace (in the sharing),


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