Celebrate National Day on Writing!

Today is the official National Day on Writing, spearheaded by the National Council of Teachers of English. It’s a day to celebrate the love of writing in all of its forms and NCTE has established a Gallery of Writing online, where you can explore thousands of pieces of writing now published for this event. You can even still submit writing.

But I encourage you to do something with your students today … something that gets them writing and then, you should write right along with them.

At our school, I decided to create a massive comic strip that I am putting in our cafeteria. I’ll have markers out. And the comic asks: What do you like to write? I imagine it like a graffiti board, of sorts, for our entire school and I want to take pictures of the comic as the day progresses (we’ll see if I have time for that).

The huge comic is about 25 feet long and about two feet high. It’s pretty neat. I can’t wait to see it covered with student writing and drawings and thoughts.

But I also created a Boolean Squared comic for today’s events. And of course, Boolean pushes the boundaries a bit:

Heck: if Boolean can do it, why not me? This is a poem I am just starting in preparation for my 30Poems in 30Days project in November.

<p>I&#8217;m plunging into poetry:<br />
here&#8212;hold my mask as I check my head<br />
for thoughts<br />
that might emerge<br />
from this murky depth</p>

Peace (in the celebration of writing),

PS: the poem, converted

I’m plunging into poetry:
here—hold my mask as I check my head
for thoughts
that might emerge
from this murky depth

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