Day Four: 30Poems in 30 Days

Poet’s Note: I looked up as a flock of geese were flying by, loud in their honking. Then, silence. Then, a few minutes later, that one lone goose tries to catch up. It had me thinking ..

I wonder about that one lone goose
in search of the flock:
how did he spring loose
and why does he seem so lost?
I’m reminded of that student of mine who sings a solitary tune
as others mill about, moving on
and leaving him standing alone, oblivious,
until the last second
when it dawns on him that everyone else is gone.
I suppose that even daydreamers
have to fly.

Listen to the podcast poem

Peace (in and out of the flock),

One Comment
  1. Thanks for image of the goose/student, Kevin.
    I’ve seen both. Sometimes I feel like one myself
    (a loner, daydreamer…not a goose).
    There’s something about a poem.
    They just feel right.

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