When teachers make webcomics ….

Yesterday, as part of our school district’s Pioneer Valley Literacy Conference, I did a workshop session on using webcomics/comics/graphic novels across the curriculum areas. I focused on my students’ use of ToonDooSpaces –a  closed networking site centered around webcomics — and invited two of my students to present the first part of the workshop with me. (You are welcome to use the resource website that I set up: http://comicworkshop.yolasite.com/)

They did a fantastic job. They were both nervous (having never been asked to present to teachers before) but they talked about what they liked about the site, how they are using it to write on their own time, and then gave the teachers a virtual tour of the site. They even then created a comic right there on the spot, answering questions and talking through their thinking.

Here is what they created:

And then, after the students left, I brought them into a temporary ToonDooSpaces site, where we spent the next 90 minutes or so exploring the elements of creating, commenting, remixing comics, creating ebooks, and more.

Here are a few of the teacher-created comics from the session:

Peace (in the webcomic world),


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