Me and the National Writing Project

I shared this over at our iAnthology site (an experimental online writing space for teachers in the National Writing Project) but I thought I would share it out here, too. I’ve been trying to create some sort of timeline (this is an idea that my friend, Susan, has talked about — documenting points of entry into the NWP) with digital tools of my life with the National Writing Project.
I worked for some time with Photostory, but the project just stalled out on me. And none of the online timeline makers seemed to do the trick. Yesterday, it dawned on me that my recent infatuation with Prezi might be worth pursuing for this project.
I’m still tinkering with it (there is too much text, I notice, and so viewing it full screen is best).

Peace (in the presentation),

  1. This sounds great Kevin! In fact, our site is working on something similar as part of our Resource Development Retreat experience this summer. We’re planning a Prezi-timeline as a component of a larger digital story. I’m sure you could search the Prezi showcase for timelines and find some great examples. One I’ve stumbled upon is embedded in a larger school improvement plan for Baldwin. Best of luck and I look forward to sharing in your continued progress!

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