Vote for the Edublog Awards 2009

The list of bloggers and blog sites for this year’s Edublog Awards are up and open for voting. Even if you don’t have time to vote, you owe it to yourself to scan through the lists and gather up some resources. One of the projects that I helped with — The Longfellow Ten — is in the running under the use of video in education. How about a vote for stopmotion movies by our students? Go here to vote for LF10.

The Edublog Award Categories….

  1. Best individual blog
  2. Best individual tweeter
  3. Best group blog
  4. Best new blog
  5. Best class blog
  6. Best student blog
  7. Best resource sharing blog
  8. Most influential blog post
  9. Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
  10. Best teacher blog
  11. Best librarian / library blog
  12. Best educational tech support blog
  13. Best elearning / corporate education blog
  14. Best educational use of audio
  15. Best educational use of video / visual
  16. Best educational wiki
  17. Best educational use of a social networking service
  18. Best educational use of a virtual world
  19. Lifetime achievement

Peace (in the list),

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