Reviewing Socially Networked Classroom with Glogster

Thanks to my friend, Gail D., I ventured into Glogster (the edu version) this week and decided to use it to post a book review of William Kist’s The Socially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media Age, which is put out by Corwin Press.

Glogster isĀ  a poster-like application, where you use “stickers” and other tools to post text, add video and audio and images, and do things around design. I’m not completely happy with mine, as I think it is too busy. But I wanted to dive in and see the possibilities for the classroom.

Glogster seems school-friendly, allowing teachers to set up accounts for students under one login (haven’t tried it yet but seems decent). I can imagine my kids working on a book report with this site, but it will require lessons on focus and design, for sure.

Here is my book review on Glogster:

Peace (on the glog),

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  1. The book review was well done and informed the readers about how the book can best be utilized.
    As for the Glogster poster, I can see what you mean by a busy look. That happens to appeal to me as the bits of text on the stick-ups give just a snippet of information either through your own perspective or as quotes from others. Where I ran into trouble was the audio video feeds which were both too soft and the video ran ahead of the audio portion on that stream.
    Once again I applaud you for your risk taking and in trying out a tech tool for all to see. That is our best way of finding and using tools that can serve us down the road. I think many students would greatly enjoy Glogster for presentations as well.

    • Yeah
      The media element didn’t work as well as I would have hoped. I removed the audio but kept the video. For now.
      We’ll see if I can bring it to our sixth graders this year, Gail.

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