Three Things about Three Cups of Tea

I decided that I will move ahead with the school-based Glogster this week with my students as we finish up Three Cups of Tea. I’m excited about it and I think the students are going to love the experience. One of my reservations about messaging among students is not an issue (thanks, Gail) as Glogster has shut down that option for students to message anyone other than their teacher. I also imagine the most difficult thing will be getting all the students logged in with their Glogster-created user names and passwords, but I created a spreadsheet with all that information and have printed out slips of paper for them to use.

Here the assignment they will be getting for homework that will form the basis of the Glog they will create. The book review will actually be done in the form of  a podcast (I hope):

Three Things about Three Cups of Tea

I also worked up a rubric to help keep them focused on the work, adding in an important design element to the rubric.

Peace (on the journey),

  1. Kevin,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of months and am now ready to jump into the world of glogging. I first have to convince the district how safe the site is. A teacher used the non-edu site and kids found the unacceptable material. In the edu site of glogster, how did you shut down the student to student messaging? Did you contact glogster directly? I’m still playing with the idea because allowing them to collaborate in the virtual world could be helpful. But with students spread over 5 classes, management could be difficult.

    Thanks for the help and keep on blogging. I’ve learned a lot of useful tips through your site.

    • Tom
      The messaging function in the edu-blog site is shut off (it just seems like it is on). Students can ONLY message the teacher. They can leave comments on other glogs, however, but the teacher can delete, as can the glog user. Also, the teacher is the only one who can make a glog public — not a student, although students can make the glog available for viewing for THEIR classroom So, basically, all approvals beyond the virtual classroom walls come through the teacher.

    • Oh
      I have four classes, so I know what you are talking about. I set up one large “classroom” in eduGlogster. It helped that our classroom then extended to our grade-level community, not just one class.

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