New Ambassador for Children’s Lit

Katherine Patterson has taken over as the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, taking over from Jon Scieszka (God, I won’t miss having to spell his name!).

I know Patterson mostly from Bridge to Terrabithia, but she has garnered much praise for her other books, too. She certainly will be a change from the man-whose-name-I-can’t-spell, but I like that different kinds of writers can take on the role of promoting young people’s literature.

Patterson’s platform will be “read for life,” according to the press release.

With books, she said, kids (and adults) use their “powers of intellect and imagination” and experience “delight.” Stories also teach children about people from other religions, races, and countries, she said. “Books help us make friends who are different from ourselves.”

Good luck, Katherine. I hope you keep inspiring young readers.

Peace (in the book),

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  1. I’m not too hopeful … Patterson isn’t very friendly and I’ve found her, each of the times I’ve met her, to be cold, distant, and annoyed by her readers and folks asking for their books to be signed … I’m not a huge fan, though I do like *Terrabithia*

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