Day in a Sentence on a Wallwisher


I am back to hosting Day in a Sentence and it is cool to be doing it for the first time in 2010. I am going to direct folks to a Wallwisher site that I set up because it is just so darn easy to use and I want to show people what this site is and allow them to think about possibilities.

Are you new to Day in a Sentence?

Here is what it is all about:

  • You reflect on a day in your week or your entire week;
  • You boil down your reflection into a single sentence;
  • You share it out (in this case, on the Wallwisher, but often, we use a blog post)
  • By Sunday or so, we share out what everyone has written.

You are invited to join us! Come to the Wallwisher and leave a sentence. You can even add audio links, video links, or even your blog address with your sentence.

I wrote about my entry into Glogging with my students this week. We had a great time just saying that word, you know?

Peace (on the wall),

PS — Oh, yeah, I can embed the wallwisher, too.


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