The Upgraded Read-Write-Think Site

The Read Write Think site by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has been revamped and looks pretty spiffy. There are  a whole lot of resources at this site. I’ve used a few — the comic creator, for one, and it is a nice and easy way to get kids creating comics on the computer.

But others include:

What I like is that all of the activities are sorted in a variety of ways — from grade levels, to types of activities, to learning objectives, and more. Add to that that there are lesson plans and support materials for the various projects, and you have a wonderful place to explore and add new elements to your classroom.

The banner also is inviting to parents, and I like that. I wonder how many parents actually come to the site (who are not teachers) and show it to their own children?

And this flier (pdf)  is a nice thing to have on hand to pass out to parents as it extols the virtues of reading and writing beyond the classroom walls, and gives some advice to parents.

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