Unexpected Collaborations

I use Google Docs quite a bit for notes and other things. I am tired of Microsoft Word (I will write about my excursions into Open Office another day). One thing that always amazes me when I open up my Google Docs are all of the collaborative projects going on outside of my account, and yet, I have been included in the share by others.

Tom Barrett is one of the most prolific and if you have not seen his work around getting others to collaborate on a variety of technology and education issues, then you are missing out. (See his blog for a start). But there are others, too, and I appreciate what they start, and often, I will be intrigued by a topic and add my own. This is what collaboration is about, right? We are invited and we accept the invitation.

This morning, I noticed that Tom has a resource around ideas for sparking writing in the classroom. This, of course, interests me greatly, so I read and then after reading, I felt like I should add something. So, I wrote about the use of Poems for Two Voices with students.

Earlier this week, I noticed that Martha had begun a resource around Digital Literacy. She wanted to compile a glossary of terms that we are using and explain them, so she was searching for collaborators. I added the word “glogging” to her file and wrote up a bit of what I know about it.

When you think of it, this kind of collaboration is perfect. I add what I know and I take away what my collaborators know, and we all move forward a few steps. My Google Docs is like a gift under the tree some days. You never know what someone is going to share.

Peace (in the sharing),

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