Prezi now offers Educational Option

This is great news.  Prezi — the powerful and creative alternative to Powerpoint dullness — announced that it now has a free license for teachers and students along with an upgraded paid option.

I’d like to investigate this further, since I would LOVE to have my students use the platform for some sort of poetry or writing activity, using “connected paths” to lead the reader on a journey. I am not sure if it is doable because we don’t have any student email accounts.

It also looks like Prezi did some upgrades to its editor, so I will have to play around with that, too. (Remember: Playing is learning.) Here is a Prezi poem that I composed some time back and then forgot about. I was trying to work out how to move the eye of the viewer in and out of the text.

Peace (in the prez),

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  1. Kevin,
    I love your poem on Prezi, and thanks for the tip about the educator’s version. I may try it with my class, too, but first, I know, I have to play myself.

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