How to Collect Glogs Together

Now that most of our Three Cups of Tea glogs are done (a few still need more work by the students to clean them up with proofreading), I decided to create a space where they could all be collected together for viewing by the world (and parents and family). I know a number of people are using wikis for embedding glogs, but I decided to try out — which allows you to construct five free websites and it is built on using widgets.

If you are wondering about this process of creating a website for these kinds of projects, here are some brief steps:

  • I registered at (actually, I already have an account there because I have used it for other projects.) I followed the steps there to create a website, chose a theme and was ready to begin building my site in a few minutes.
  • I went over to my “classroom” at the edu-glog site andwent through the glogs that were ready to be brought from the “private” setting to the “public” setting. Only a teacher can do this step.
  • I then found the “embed into page” link below the glog, grabbed the code and went back to my Yola site. There, I inserted an html widget, and copied the embed code.
  • Now, here is where I fiddled a bit. For some reason, the embed code is always too large, so I tinkered with the settings in the html  code — I reduced the percentage to 70 and then adjusted the width and length accordingly. You need to do all three for it work right. I wish there were more embed options on the glogster side of the world.
  • Once that is done, you can save and check your work. If it seems OK, then go through the process again. And again. I stacked a handful of glogs per page on the Yola site and divided up my four classes into parts so that there were not too many glogs on one page.

If my description doesn’t help, you can also view this video tutorial someone made about embedding a glog into a Google Site website, which is pretty close to using Yola.

But please take a few minutes to check out the glogs of my students — I am pretty impressed with what they were able to accomplish.

Peace (in the sharing of tea),

  1. Kevin
    I took a look at your student’s glog and I’m wishing that there was some way to leave a comment on the yola. (I may have missed it though). My students are about to use glogster to create a poster about Social Issues – that’s been our reading workshop unit. Last year, whilst the glogs the class created were ok, most were rather unfocused. What I love about your students’ glogs is the focus on 3 things! What a great idea and guide for them! I think you’re right – they have done rather a nice job on their glogs and I can’t wait to show my 5th graders these in morning! Thanks for sharing (that’s the thing that you do so brilliantly!)

  2. Thanks for the tip about messing with the embed code. I was missing the change on the percentage for the glogs. Cool to see you using Yola for the final presentation of it all. An easy way to add comments (that you can moderate) to your Yola page is to use You can create an embeddable widget and place it anywhere on any page. If you’re logged into your disqus account, you’ll be able to moderate things right on your yola page without having to go someplace else.

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