Playin’ Jazz

I wrote a few weeks ago about my invitation to play with some musicians of high caliber for a jazz-infused service at our church. I was nervous because I was out of my league with these guys.

Yesterday morning was the service and, although I screwed up a few beginnings, I think I held my ground and kept up with the group as we made our way through about five songs, including God Bless the Child, When the Saints Go Marching In, A Child is Born and We Three Kings. I could feel that real intense concentration in my brain and I tried to remember where I needed to come in, what notes to transpose to the key of my saxophone, where to not play, where to play and more.

I’m glad I did it but I am also glad that it is is over.

Again, I am reminded of those student we put into a position of expectation but still need a support structure.¬† We know they can do something, even if it right now beyond them, but we can’t just let them sink or swim. We need to be there to help. I would not have done as well as I did without guidance from our piano player, who gave me visual cues and coaxed me along in some of the songs. I looked to him for that help, even though I was on my own when the song began and my saxophone was in my hands. It helps, too, that our church is so supportive. You could not find a better audience.

The best part? My wife is in the choir, and we got to stand near each other and play a few songs together  when the jazz group provided the music for a few hymns.

Peace (in the church),

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  1. I agree. How important it is to keep the stakes high, walking in the shoes of the lifelong learner! That’s my mantra as I get ready to enter a new classroom on the other side of the desk and yesterday I heard that our Flamenco group will be playing (low stakes) next month.

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