More invented words from students

This is Part 2 of a post about new words that were invented by my students as part of our unit on the Origins of Words (read part one from yesterday). Here are a few more words that tickled my fancy.

MicMonic (2010) – A disease that makes you sing really loud in the shower. Listen to the word

Nur (2010) – The act of running reverse while looking forward. Listen to the word

Shnooble (2010) -A bear with a bat’s wings and a mermaid tail. Listen to the word

Sqig (2010) – A cross of a squirrel and a pig. Listen to the word

Umbrelephant (2010) -A noisy umbrella. Listen to the word

Xclven (2010) 🙁ex-cla-ven) Confused and angry at the same time. Listen to the w

Zingeringding (2010) – Hitting metal to metal. Listen to the word.

Peace (in the playfulness of language),

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