The workings of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project

I spent a good part of the day yesterday at a leadership retreat for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. We worked in collaborative groups to explore the varied programs we are offering for teachers and students, and then began to lay the foundation for a vision for the future of our site. The writing project is always looking ahead (not withstanding concerns about funding at the federal level, of course) and the visioning process is often done as a group, and not by an individual. It’ s so heartening to be in a room of such smart people, particularly as we discussed strategies for creating leadership opportunities for even more people in our network.

On the chalkboard, our site director had etched out all of the work of our site from last year and it covered the entire chalkboard. I jotted down what she had written because I am working on a redesign of our website and it seemed like very useful information.

See for yourself:

Invitational Summer Institute

Co-directors: Joanne and Dawn

(A four-week intensive summer program that includes writing, research and inquiry, sharing of ideas and connecting with other teachers in many content areas.)


Post-Invitational Summer Institute Inquiry Groups/Projects

Invitational Summer Institute Inquiry Task Force

Co-director: Sherill

(Programs and offerings that allow teachers to remain connected to the work of the writing project site.)

Digital Is technology resources developed by WMWP Technology Team

Massachusetts Writing Project

New England Writing Project

Executive Board

Teachers as Writers

Writing Response groups

Writing Contest (annual)

iAnthology online network

Writing Mini-Marathons

Summer program: Teachers as Writers

Retirees network

Newsletter (twice a year)

Co-director: Tracy

(Programs that support teachers through professional development sessions to learn more about literacy and writing instruction.)

English Language Learners Network

Technology Spring Conferences

Content-area Literacy Inquiry

School/district-based in-service/Professional Development

Department of Youth Services Initiative

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Summer Institutes

Literacy/ Non-fiction Seminar

Expository/Persuasive Writing Seminar

MTEL Test Support Group

Best Practices Fall Conference (annual Fall event)

Certificate in Writing Program at UMass

Living Holyoke Institute

Youth and Family Outreach

Co-director: Joanne

(Programs that reach young writers and connect with families through writing, technology and literacy).

SummerWRITE for Youths

Smith Voke (Claymation/Comics)

UMass SummerWRITE

Springfield YMCA digital storytelling

Springfield Housing Authority digital storytelling

Peace (in the reach),

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