Imaginary Slice of Life, 2: While I Am Away

Slice of Life

(This is part of the Slice of Life project at Two Writing Teachers)

So, here I am, writing my second imaginary Slice of Life while away on a long weekend. I imagine that there are some funny comments in my blog bin about my imaginary slice from yesterday. So, even though this is being written a few days ago before anyone read a thing, I want to answer a few of your questions that are no doubt sitting in there:

  • What does your imaginary voice sound like? Good question. It sounds a bit like Elmo, but a cool Elmo. He’s actually kind of hip, making the high-pitched sound reasonable to live with. For now. But when Elmo hits his teen years, watch out, man.
  • Do you ever write when you dream? Funny you should ask that. I do. The problem is that the pen I use is always hard to find in the night, so my words get all jumbled up on me.
  • How did you write this days ago but only post it today? I used a courier pigeon to bring my notes to a telephone pole, where a squirrel dashed off my notes to a crow, who tied it to a hot air balloon, which used GPS to bring my words to the little Internet fellow who writes all of my blog posts for me. It was easy, trust me.
  • Do you think this imaginary slicing has some people scratching their heads right now? Not at all. I know the Slice people. They are quite nice. And they are all missing their heads, so really … nothing to scratch, you know? In fact, they are all heart and soul. Heart and soul.

Peace (in my mind),

  1. Literally laughing out loud at this post! Especially enjoyed the answer to “How did your write this days ago but only post it today?” I think these imaginary slices of life are a wonderful idea! Hope you are enjoying your time away!

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