Imaginary Slice of Life, 3: As the Blog Writes

Slice of Life(This is part of the Slice of Life project at Two Writing Teachers)

This is my third day of posting an imaginary Slice of Life, since I am nowhere to be found. In fact, I think my blog is starting to write itself.

I have. And I have to say, the slices that this man writes about are just ridiculous. I mean, who writes about the tiny moments of life? I did agree to take some time the last few days and post this fool Kevin’s links over at Two Writing Teachers blog, which is such a nice blog to hang out with. But really, the Net is for big things, bigger than these words even, and we Blogs are on the verge of taking things over. I mean, have you read the spam I am getting? Those people just love me.  One spammer even asked if I needed help writing my research paper.  Of course, not, sir. I have all the research at my command that I need. Another spammer showers my blog with praise, but I can see that that email address is suspicious and I hear the other Blogs talking about him in the back-channels. (Yes, we blogs back-channel, too).  No sir, you, I do not post.  But I do glow brightly in your praise. Now I suppose this fool Kevin will be returning to his regular writing tomorrow, but for today, I — The Meandering Mind, itself — intend to take full advantage of my time here and make some hyperlinks. Oh, yes, I am going to meander …

Peace (in my mind),
Kevin and his blog, don’t forget the blog

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