Slice of Life: Something Simple

Slice of Life

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You know the saying about the simple things in life being the ones that we most appreciate?

Well, I spent the long weekend in a sunny place with an awful cold that had my nosing running as it were on a marathon. Just perfect for that weekend getaway, right? So, I needed to have tissues with me everywhere I went,and each time, I walked out our hotel door, I would stuff a handful into my pockets and then distribute the “used” ones in trash cans all over the Tampa/St. Pete area.

Let me say, the tissues in hotels must have glass fibers in them.  Or maybe these were the rejects from the sandpaper plant? My nose felt so raw by Sunday that I often had to second-guess myself on whether it was time to use a tissue or not.  And I sort of forgot that not all tissues are created equal.

So, arriving home yesterday, I grabbed a tissue from our box on the counter (after hugging our boys, of course) and it was like a bit of heaven right there on my face.  The softness was a grandeur I may never know again. I would have gladly have been in the most awful commercial right then and there, and been the most jubilant face in the mix. It felt nice.

It’s the simple things …

Peace (in the blowing),

  1. I live in Vermont, but took a trip to Cocoa Beach, FL a couple weeks ago… with a full-blown head-cold. Not only did I feel like my head was going to explode on the plane, but I also carried around not just a pocket full of tissue, but the whole box. Upon returning home, my sister told me that I infected her 7-mo-old daughter. I felt so bad. Here’s to Puffs Plus and getting better soon!

  2. There’s something to be said about Puffs Plus, or any tissue with lotion/aloe in it. Those hotel ones are the worst. Well worth it to buy the Puffs take-along packs at a drugstore.

    Glad you got out of the cold for a few days!

  3. I hear you! I am an allergy sufferer and know lots about the quality of tissues. I can be the simple things that make us every so grateful!

  4. I hear you! The school tissues are pretty bad too. I take my own.

    Olive oil is the sure cure to a raw nose. Just put a little on your finger and rub it in before you go to bed. Wait about 3 minutes before you use another tissue (if you can!) and your nose will feel 100% better. Well, maybe 99%.

  5. When I went through a bad spell in my life, I actually ended up ranking the tissue boxes in the grocery store as to softness and durability. I had lots of tears, lotsa nose-blowing. I loved your line about “glass fibers” in the tissues–so true! Or else it’s chunks of wood or something. Try Eucerin cream, or straight-up vasoline to protect.

    Hope you’re better soon!


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