I’m now also over at Instructify

Last year, I saw a call from Bill Ferris at Instructify, searching for writers for the site. I gave it a shot, and submitted a query, and Bill started to bring me on board as a staff writer. Then budget cuts hit and I was laid off before I was even hired. A few months ago, Bill contacted me again and asked if I was still interested. Heck yes, I said (or something like that), and so now, I am starting to do some writing about resources and online apps that might be helpful to teachers.

Here is how the site is described:

The Instructify philosophy–Teach smarter, not harder.

Instructify is where teachers can stock their toolboxes with practical, time-saving classroom ideas and cutting edge methods of instruction. It’s where to find useful, free technology to utilize in the classroom. And it’s a fun place to spend your planning period.

Instructify is also a verb. To Instructify means to find new ways to present the same old content. Or MacGyvering anything from software to Post-it notes into something you can teach with. It also works great as a command. As in, “Don’t just teach, Instructify!”

I like Instructify because the posts get right to the point. I hope you will like it, too. My first article just got posted by Bill and it is about using Stopmotion Animator software with kids.  I am also working on a longer piece for Instructify’s parent site — LEARN NC. — on using online postering sites like Glogster in the classroom.

Take a look. Leave a comment. I appreciate it.

Peace (in the sharing),


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