“Safe Mode” with YouTube Videos

This is a good thing — the easy ability to push a YouTube video into safety mode, cutting out the possibility of unexpected and unwanted links and content that YouTube considers to be related to the video at hand. It’s actually a simple link at the bottom of each YouTube video and for teachers, in particular, this tiny change could potentially open up sharing of videos with classes (maybe). Removing possible objectionable content is something that all teachers needs to have some control over.
In fact, I am going to head over to my colleague in Social Studies this morning and show him it, since he does use YouTube quite a bit for historical videos and I often worry for him about the links and video suggestions that are linked to the videos (I have shown him a few sites that scrape the additional stuff away from YouTube but that is one step that he doesn’t often do. This is easy because it is right there, at the bottom of the page of the video itself).

Here is the video overview of how to put YouTube videos into Safe Mode and why you would do it:

Peace (in the safe zone),


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