A ToonDooSpace Testimonial

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the folks over at ToonDooSpaces, asking if I might consider putting together a short video testimonial about how I am using the closed networked Webcomic Space with my students. My class was a beta tester last year and I have used it this year, too.

Then, I lost the email and forgot about it. Sorry, ToonDudes! They are presenting at a conference and were looking for videos to run in their booth or something. Given the support and help they have provided me, and the openness to ideas from my students, I wanted to help them out.

I was reminded of this when I saw Mary over at A Year in Reading showing the video that she and her students did. Ack. I scrambled to pull something together which I hope shows my very positive view of ToonDooSpaces.

Peace (in the comics),

  1. That is awesome. Hands-on learning is always a good hit if not a home run! The students enjoy seeing the work of their peers and the practice with positive commenting should be ongoing in every classroom at every level.
    This whole post however got me to thinking…..Where the heck is Boolean!?

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