Slice of Life: When Quidditch Calls

Slice of Life(This is part of the Slice of Life project at Two Writing Teachers)

Yesterday afternoon, my voice was almost gone, down to a bare whisper, because I spent the day loudly and enthusiastically encouraging my students in games of Quidditch and soccer and even Dodge Ball on a yearly field trip we take to an indoor soccer arena.

Some of you know that our school is now in its 11th year of playing a version of Quidditch that is complicated to learn and amazing to watch and allows for kids of all athletic levels to participate. In a few weeks, the four sixth grade classes will face off in a full-day Quidditch Tournament at our school.

This year, I have a homeroom that struggles to work together due to some personalities but they have been pulling it together lately in ways that have me smiling in satisfaction and they were wonderful yesterday on our field trip. They worked as a team (we are called Dry Ice, see logo). They cheered each other on. They didn’t wallow in mistakes or point fingers at each other.

I tried to set the example, of course, with my rousing cheers and pats on the backs, and doing that one-to-one coaching stuff around hints and suggestions for play, but they were right there with me. And so, tired out and almost out of voice, I felt as if we had accomplished something important as a class yesterday. We were working as a a team, and as cliche as that sounds, it is important.

Peace (on the field),

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  1. Yes, so important. That is one of the best reasons our school has for getting our kids working in the outdoor classroom. Pulling together for a cause that benefits us all.

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