The Super-Duper-Alley-Ooper-Zooper-Gooper Play

My student teacher is teaching a unit on paragraph writing and we introduced a writing prompt the other day in which our students had to design and then explain a play in our game of Quidditch (see the tutorial video for more info). We are working on strong topic and closing sentences, and use of transition words. We also had them diagram out their play (which reminded me of a video from fellow National Writing Project friend Bee Foster around the literacy of a football play)

It was a blast to hear some of their ideas and talk about engaged in writing … they were intent and purposeful, for sure. I also wrote and designed a play with them. My play is the Super-Duper-Alley-Ooper-Zooper-Gooper Play (and I made them say it with three times fast), and like theirs, it requires some background knowledge of how we play our game of Quidditch. But you’ll get the idea.

If your Quidditch team really wants to score with style, then you need to learn the Super-Duper-Alley-Ooper-Zooper-Gooper play. First, the seeker, beater and chasers have to work together as a team. This play begins after your seeker catches a snitch. Second, when the opponent seeker sets up to make their own catch on the next possession, your beater should be ready to knock them out of the game for five seconds. Meanwhile, one designated chaser should be moving near your team’s seeker, who catches the snitch away from the opposing team. The beater now moves along with your chaser, who sets up to catch the quaffle pass from a teammate. Finally, the beater knocks out any defenders as the chaser scores a goal by hitting the high corner — scoring three points in a matter of seconds. Repeat this play as often as necessary and your team is sure to emerge as victors at the Quidditch Championship.

Peace (on the Quidditch field),

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