Get the Poetry Flowing

I  saw this note in a Twitter feed and decided to check it out. It’s an app for iPhone or iTouch or iPad(?) called Poem Flow, and it is a pretty cool system of presenting famous poems in a flowing, visual way. The basic app is free and comes with about a dozen poems, and then they charge you for extra downloads.

But here is the beauty: if you are an educator, you get the download upgrade FOR FREE. It’s definitely worth checking it out. I had nice time reading/watching some poems last night. And I noticed that on the form that teachers have to take to get the free code, there is a question of whether you might be interested in learning more about an upcoming application that allows you to create your own poetry flows. Heck yes!

You can find Poem Flow at the Apple App Store.

Peace (in the flow),

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  1. I love Poemflow and am trying to figure out how kids can create something like it. Any ideas to try before they come up with a creation tool? Keynote is the only thing I can think of.

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