Writing (digital) Poems with Bud

I continue to enjoy the poetry adventures over at Bud the Teacher’s blog. Bud posts a picture, a few words and opens up his space for poems. I get up, wondering what I might write about today. I’ve been using Vocaroo to record as podcasts, and Bill has followed my lead. The other day, Kelly responded to a poem of mine with a poem of hers, and then I responded — a poetic conversation of sorts.
This morning, he posted an interesting picture and suggested a mixing up, which made me think of a remix of some sort, which led to wonder about elements within the photo.

So, I fashioned a short digital poem about listening to someone practicing music and wanting to join in. I made it in a few minutes with Photostory3.

Come write with us at Bud’s place. There a seat at the table for you.

Peace (in the poetry),

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