May 1 is Free Comic Book Day

My sons and I look forward to Free Comic Book Day each year. On May 1, your local comic book (and some book stores) will be passing out handfuls of free comic books. The comics are not collectibles, of course, and most are designed to give you a hook into a character or story. But still: free comics. And check out the image  above, as world renowned comic illustrator (from Mad Magazine and the Groo series) Sergio Aragones has fashioned a nifty image for Free Comic Book T-Shirts this year.

I often grab a bunch to bring to my classroom, and I have used my stack periodically to talk about literary terms like onomatopoeia and use of dialogue, and emanata  (use of images to portray ideas).

At the Free Comic Book Day website, you can even use the store locator to find a store that is participating near you.

Peace (on the funny pages),

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