Glogging Some Multimedia Poetry

As readers of this space know, I have been writing poems every day over at Bud Hunt’s blog, where Bud has been posting images to inspire writing. We’re almost at the end (which is fine — I’m feeling a little poetry burnout right now) but I wanted to find some way to collect some of the poems together.

I decided to use Glogster because I could easily add the video poem I did, as well as upload a few podcasts from the month of poetry. I tried to find a good design, and I worry that the page is a bit busy (always an issue with Glogster), but I made this asĀ  sort of “Thank You” card to Bud for inspiring me to write this month. I was always glad when others joined along, although I wish more folks would do it.

I also like that this glog is part of my classroom glog, so my students have a chance to read some of my poetry and see some of the multimedia work, too. It’s another way of sharing and showing.

Here is a direct link to my poetry glog, which I am entitling: “Inspired by Images.”

Peace (in the poems),

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog lately.
    I am learning so much from you, dude. Glogster is an interesting format; the more I use it, the more applications I see for my students (I need to use stuff for awhile before I feel comfortable incorporating it into my teaching). By the way, I used your article on Glogster with a few English teachers — it generated much discussion. Thanks.
    The photo of San Francisco, the moon, and the planets inspired me too. I sent you a link to the photo. I played with it a bit using the google drawing application.
    So many tools, so little time.
    Enjoyed watching you play the guitar, too (I’m taking lessons for the first time….some fun).

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