National Picture Book Writing Week

Not another challenge. Yes, another challenge. This one is National Picture Book Writing Week, in which blogger Paula Yoo is challenging folks to create seven picture books in seven days. That seems like a lot, and if I were to draw, it would be impossible. But I am a writer and I do love a challenge, so I am going to use Storybird to see how many books I can create this week.

Here is Day One. The book is called MoonSong, and I was thinking of how to weave music into a picture book story. I wondered: what if the moon were inspiration but didn’t know it. (I am having trouble finding the embed code, so here is the link to the book at the Storybird site).


Peace (in the books),

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  1. I am behind on blogs and just caught up on yours…..LOVE this Storybird!!! I have SO much to learn.
    SO enjoying your books…..not sure I can catch up/keep up with this latest Challenge….wish I had known though!

    Not sure how to show you my wordle from my NPM with Bud. But it IS cool to see my words….and glad to know that LOVE was the most used….esp. since I felt I wrote about some sadness in love…..

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