The Final “App for That” Webcomic

And so, I am bringing this writing adventure to an end with the last few frames of my “App for That” skit-turned-into-webcomic idea. One thing I struggled with was how to shift from one medium (play writing) into another (comic strip writing), and what to leave in and what to leave out. I’m not sure how successful I was but it was fun and it provided me with more experience with Bitstrips for Education, which is a site I will be using this summer for my Webcomic Summer Camp with middle school kids.

I did like that I could easily make my own characters — it was quite simple, in fact — and upload other images, such as my walking iKnow device and the Greek Chorus (aka, App Development Review Board).

And I had to get my old friend, Boolean, in there, too, since I did a whole series of comics once around his development of the Grade Remorse Calculator for an App Challenge that his school took part in. I hope you see how labeling him a “typical child” is funny. It is to me, anyway.

Here is the large version of the fourth installment of “An App for That.”

Peace (on the funny pages),

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