A Note that Made My Day

I received an email from a colleague in the Western Massachusetts Writing Project who is teaching a course at the college level for the first time around technology and education. He developed a great syllabus and I tried to give him some ideas about practical uses of technology in the classroom.

Yesterday, he sent me an email.

Sometimes as teachers we do not know about all the ways we help our students until a much later time. That will not be the case this time. A few weeks ago you gave me some tips, some new sites to try. Wallwisher was a big hit, as was the NWP site. We played your Vimeo video on technology last class, and it was almost as good as having you with us in person. And your message resonated with all of the students in the class.
(Here, he provided me with some of the response from one of his students, who talked about using Wallwisher for class collaboration and sharing)

It is clear from your writing that you have a BIG impact on the students and staff at Norris, but you should know that you have had a BIG impact on the work of 20 teachers who are taking the Intro to Tech in Education class at the Elms this summer. Amanda–the author of the above comment–would have never have heard of Wallwisher without the tip from you…and now she is using it to point her students in the right direction as they head out for summer vacation. Simply amazing!

That kind of letter makes my day. I’m glad the sharing I do can help someone else.

Peace (in the note),

  1. Bravo! I concur wholeheartedly! You are a creative inspiration to me on a weekly and sometimes daily basis!

    Thanks so much for continuing to share your voice, ideas, creativity, imagination, and passion!


  2. Hi Kevin, I am looking forward to working with you at the New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute later this month. It will be an exciting week as over 100 teachers from around Massachusetts work with the Friday Institute from North Carolina State.

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