Woodcarving as Lessons of Life

This is the tenth year that our art teacher has been able to secure funds to bring a local woodcarver to our school to work with the entire sixth grade on a large project that is their “legacy” to our school. It is such a phenomenal concept — getting kids to learn about art while using their hands to create something majestic and beautiful.

But Elton Braithwaite, originally from Jamaica, turns it into something more. He teaches them about life — about hard work, and success, and disappointment, and about keeping a focus on the goal. He inspires our students beyond the woodcarving project, and he reaches kids who are often difficult to reach with that message.

Meanwhile, the carving is done in the cafeteria, so the entire school has a view of the work underway, inspiring the rest of the students and creating a positive spotlight on the sixth graders. It’s fantastic.

This short video documentary is part of a larger DVD project that I did over the course of the week for our art teacher so she can show our PTO what their generous donation and funding of Elton has done for the school and the students. The art they are making this year is part of a multi-year project around the Arts and the six panelled woodcarving will eventually hang over the school stage.

Peace (in the arts),


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