A Glimpse of Next Year’s Students

(see the animoto)
Some of you may know that I had to leave my school year a few days early to help lead the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute in Boston. That meant not only not being able to say goodbye on the last day of school to my students but also, I didn’t get the traditional “meet and greet” my incoming students, either. Instead, I made them a DVD that my substitute teacher showed them and asked them to contribute a piece of writing and an illustration of themselves on a sticky note to a “wall” I created in the back of the room.

Yesterday, I finally got to my classroom to finish up some paperwork and cleaning, but I was just fascinated by the wall of notes, writing and pictures the soon-to-be sixth graders left behind for me.  In particular, I loved the self-portraits (which say a lot about a person). They only had a few minutes to work, but still … pretty neat.

I’ll hang the wall back up in August, to give myself a glimpse of the class that is coming in.

Peace (in the image),

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