Troy’s Digital Writing Workshop Shift

Image  from Heinemann
Image from Heinemann

I’m a huge fan of Troy Hicks and his book, The Digital Writing Workshop. It is an incredibly helpful and useful and thoughtful guide to the ways that digital tools can help teachers make the shift with student composition. This morning, I saw an email from Troy that the online component to his book is shifting platforms from a Ning to a Wiki now that Ning is changing its ways.

It’s not too late to join Troy and other teachers at the Digital Writing Workshop wiki and engage in conversations about the digital writing world.

Here is a video that might pique your interest as teachers from the Central Arizona Writing Project and Chippewa River Writing Projects talk about the impact of technology on writing.

Peace (in the shift),

  1. Thanks, Kevin, for the kind words about the book and for sharing the announcement about the wiki.

    Your work continues to be an influence in our SI, and I appreciated all your posts from the New Literacies Institute!


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