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Thanks to my friend, Jpeg (Jenny), I wandered over to Plinky this weekend to discover another cool writing place. I suppose it is sort of like others, in which you are given a prompt (this morning: Use third person to tell about an awkward school experience), a box to write in and then you can choose from a selection of images from Flickr to go with your writing.

I like the simplicity of Plinky, and also, that I can either get inspired or ignore the prompt, and then wander back tomorrow. Maybe. The writing choice is up to me.

I’m not sure if this site has possibilities for students (maybe high school) but you could easily “borrow” the writing prompts for activities in the classroom. Drop another idea into the classroom. Plink.
Peace (in the writing),

  1. This is an interesting site. I read a few of the essays and it was apparent a number of them were ELL students. What a tremendous vehicle for developing language skills. The writer’s voice comes through even with the grammar and syntax errors and this is a critical skill area to work on. ELL students can often do much better in the speaking piece of language than they do in written work, and Plinky provides an opportunity for friendly practice. I, for one, am not a writer of fiction so an exercise such as Plinky would tap new brain cells and help me to maximize learning in all areas.

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