Andrea Asks: What Did You Learn Today?

I was away this weekend, reconnecting with a group of friends, and am trying to weed through my RSS. I came across a blog post by my friend, Andrea, who interviewed another friend, Paul, about motivation and learning. At the end, she asked the question: what did you learn today?

I thought about the weekend with my friends, whom I see only once a year but that yearly connection is so important to all of us now that we are scattered about and have families, etc.

So, here is my response to Andrea.

What I Learned (or relearned) This Weekend

Peace (in the thinking),

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for taking up the question! I really enjoyed your answer. I think that issue of balance is so, so important today. You expressed it beautifully when you described how meaningful it was to reconnect with your friends. One of the things we’ve been reading about in our Ed Psych/Ed Tech Coursework are the counterarguments to tech integration. And they really aren’t about the tech, but about what is lost when we overemphasize the technology at the expense of the other ways students and people learn. It seems that the issue of balance arises repeatedly in these discussions.

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