The Life in a Day digital adventure

Grab your video camera and document your day. Today (it already started!) is the official Life in a Day video project in which folks from around the world are going to be submitting a video document of this single day in their lives (July 24) to form sort of a canvas of the world’s activity in a 24 hour time frame.

Later, the producers of the Youtube-based site — Kevin McDonald (who did the One Day in September project) and Ridley Scott (Yep, of Hollywood fame) — will create some sort of montage of the best of the videos. Good luck with that, fellows. You’re going to have to pour through a lot of video content, I bet. But it will be interesting to see the world through the eyes of regular people.

The website notes:

Life In A Day is a historic global experiment to create a user-generated documentary film shot in a single day, by you. On 24 July, you have 24 hours to capture a glimpse of your life on camera.

Am I going to do it? Sure. Why not. I have my little Flip camera, although it is possible the day is going to be boring. We have a Little League All-star baseball game on tap (if we win, they go to the finals tomorrow) and that’s about it.

If you run out of ideas,producer Kevin McDonald proposes a few things to consider creating a video about:

  • What do you love?
  • What do you fear?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What’s in your pocket that has meaning?

Give it a try.

Peace (in the world),


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