The Strength of the NWP Walkabout

As many regular visitors know, I am part of the National Writing Project, which is a national organization of teachers who seek to instill writing and exploration across the curriculum (and into technology). Yesterday, I noticed a post in my RSS reader from a NWP blog where I have posted now and then from conferences.

The site is called NWP Walkabout and it’s a really fascinating inside view from various events where NWP folks are gathering. NWP Co-Director Elyse Eidman-Aadahl wrote a post noting that in just six months, the NWP Walkabout site had gathered about 15o posts from folks (the most recent being a twin gathering of NWP folks around rural sites issues and a professional writing retreat around technology).

The posts are a wonderful insight not only into the work of NWP but also into the work of various conferences, and I love the wonderful array of voices that come through at the site. The site is run on Posterous, which means that folks only need to have email access to create posts, and when they attach things like images, audio or video, those media files automatically get embedded into posts (Posterous might be an easy way for a teacher to set up a simple blog.)

Check out NWP Walkabout. Toss it into your RSS reader. Even if  you are not part of the National Writing Project, you will find useful information.

Peace (in the walkabout),

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