My Son’s Teacher’s Blog

Finally … a teacher of one of my kids has a blog. I know not every teacher needs to blog nor desires to, but I was hoping that with three kids in the public school system, eventually someone would have a blog that I could follow.

My oldest son — now in seventh grade — came back home with a slew of forms and papers from his first day, and in there, there was a nice welcome letter from his history teacher, who included the web address of a blog that she uses called A Place in the World. It seems more like a place of news than a place of student work, but it’s a start.

I posted a comment for her, wishing her a good year, and then put her RSS feed into my reader. I feel like the parents of my own students, hopeful that I will get some information to spark discussions other than “nothing” when we ask what is going in school.


Peace (in the blogging),

  1. Hi Kevin,

    As I was sorting through the mounds of paperwork from our kids on their first day of school, I found myself searching the stacks hoping for some link, some digital connection for the school. I’m not upset, not in a mad kind of way, but in a “geez, can’t we connect at all through the web?” *sigh* No links were found, however Troy and I did host a 1/2 PD workshop helping teachers create simple wikis to begin their web space, so I know they are starting to think and play a bit. It’s strange to think that after nearly 15 years of personally playing and working on the web there are teachers out there that have never put anything online. Glad you have a teacher that is reaching out to parents digitally–I’m sure you will be an asset to her and your son throughout the year.

    Take care,


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