Daze in a Sentence

dayinsentenceiconThanks to everyone who contributed to the re-emergence of Days in a Sentence!! I appreciated all of the comments tumbling into my blog box this past week.

First of all, Tracy wrote me a very nice note about the value of Day in a Sentence as a reflective activity that is important to her. She wrote: “As reflection, boiling down my ‘take away’ from a day into a sentence helps me to focus in on what is important, what is prevalent in my mind, what I need to work on. It is also helpful to read other teachers concise reflections – learning and sharing in community is never bad.” — Thanks, Tracy. I could not agree more.

Her sentence:

Starting a new school year in 3 hours and 10 minutes as a wandering teaching with no classroom, homeless yet liberating in a way

I loved the way Illya phrased her sentence:

Am busy exploring volcanoes and preparing for eruptions with my lovely 6th graders.

It seems like Sheryl is waiting for you to invite her into your classroom. Do you have a sword in a stone anywhere?

I’m a knight errant looking to serve in a 21st century school environment.

my good friend (and former classroom pen pal partner),  sara, became a mom recently. it’s great great to hear from her and all of her lower case letters.

another school year started last week, and i’m not teaching 5th graders until after christmas – instead, i’m the dedicated teacher and mama to one gorgeous, silly, smiley student, my 7-week-old daughter.

Delaine has changed careers, I guess, and is doing something very interesting. Good luck, Delaine!

Having left the classroom in Fresno, I am attempting my third career in microfinance in San Francisco.

Paul writes poetry, even if he didn’t know it. The words here dance in my head at the start of the school year.

Each year I get to meet 100 new kids never knowing which ones I will have an impact on, or what will be their impact will be on me.

Amanda sent me her sentence via email. It’s more than a sentence but I am never, ever a stickler for rules.

As our first week of school we spent a great deal of time looking.  We looked ahead at what we’ll cover this year, we looked inside (our brains) to share about who we are as learners in our first writing assignment, and we looked back to remember and honor the lives lost and the bravery of those who continue to fight for our freedom.

The Teacher’s Pets mourns the loss of a dog. We’re glad to have you here in Day in  a Sentence and are sorry for the loss.

After hearing that a beloved Schnauzer client, Bo, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on Saturday night, I was unable to enjoy the holiday weekend as I originally planned.

Jim seems like he started on a high note (and for those of you starting a new year, I hope you did, too).

I had a fantastic first day today, I hope the rest of the year stays just as energetic.

Hear that sound? That’s Matt. He’s breathing easier than ever.

For the first time in a long time I am returning to school without a mound of obligations on my back.

Ben’s sentence sounds like he just ascended from the movie Inception. I bet it was a heck of a journey.

I teased brains, rang bells, bent minds.

Yes, Nancy, those were cows!

My hiatus from teaching is over, and instead of a view of the dirty, smelly Bruckner Expressway, I get cows walking past my classroom windows!

Uh oh. I sense some tension with Lynn. Maybe she needs a few cows walking past her window. Are there cows in Chico?

The process of calming the twelves is wearing me thinner than I like.

Not sure what to make of Penny‘s sentence. Maybe she was stuck in a staff meeting …

Death by meeting or inspiration crowd-sourcing?

Get thee to the Starbucks! Barbara needs a shot of something.

The amount of energy spent today interacting with students (in a very positive way) left me exhausted and anxious for my 4-shot caramel macchiato—mmmmmm—so satisfying!

Cynthia, retiring? in May? Oh my.

Mandalas, PhotoStories, sociograms, Anglo Saxon boasts, resumes, accusative case–oh, my: our days are full of new and exciting experiences; I wonder if I will miss them when I retire in May.

And Bonnie left this note for me (as did Tracy above), as I mentioned that I was not sure how to keep this feature a regular ongoing thing.

I just reread Kevin’s article about teacher as writer and I for one call to keep Boil Down Your Week regular. What Can I Do To Help? That’s my new mantra this year.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I appreciate your words this week. I’ll be enlisting hosting help for Day in a Sentence. Leave me a note here if you might be interested in hosting Day in a Sentence at your blog.

Peace (in the daze of our days),

  1. I loved writing my sentence and reading the list above. Remember Kevin, this is about online collaboration. It’s hard to keep communities writing together so I’m up to support this.

  2. Thank you, Kevin, for the great sentences. Keeps me in tune with all those teachers out there who work so hard. And a note to Cynthia, you will love retirement. It opens a whole new world.

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